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osi3::Identifier Struct Reference

A common identifier (ID), represented as an integer. More...

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Public Attributes

optional uint64 value = 1
 The identifier's value. More...

Detailed Description

A common identifier (ID), represented as an integer.

Has to be unique among all simulated items at any given time. For ground truth, the identifier of an item (object, lane, sign, etc.) must remain stable over its lifetime. Identifier values may be only be reused if the available address space is exhausted and the specific values have not been in use for several timesteps. Sensor specific tracking IDs have no restrictions and should behave according to the sensor specifications.

The value MAX(uint64) = 2^(64) -1 = 0b1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 is reserved and indicates an invalid ID or error.

Member Data Documentation

◆ value

optional uint64 osi3::Identifier::value = 1

The identifier's value.

is_greater_than_or_equal_to: 0

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